Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 4 - Kitana & Mileena (Part 1)

Episode 4 is here and this time we see more characters from the MK universe such as Baraka, Shao Khan, Jared, Sindel, Kitana and Mileena. The stories of some of these characters may not follow the original, I find the new changes really well done. I wish this was a full on series instead of just a web series cause 9 minutes is not enough for the awesome this series is over flowing with.

This episode is filled with some segments of animation which were not present in the first 3 episodes. Hey, at least there is more gore in the animated parts.

Beautiful, athletic, and trained as highly skilled assassins, Kitana and Mileena have grown up thinking that they are sisters. Shao Kahn, Emperor of the Outworld, has tricked Shang Tsung into becoming his servant for Mortal Kombat by making him clone Mileena as a Tarkatan clone of Kitana, out of Shao Kahn's fear that Kitana wouldn't love him enough if she ever found out the truth about her Mother and Father.