Cave Story 3D


Ok, I just had a full on nergasm here. Daisuke Amaya aka Pixel, the original creator of Cave Story, is working on a full on 3DS remake of his own 2D masterpiece that is Cave Story.

Cave Story is a Metroidvania style game that Pixel made by himself, from the music, art, graphics, story, etc were all done by Amaya over the course of five years and was released in 2005. A Wii port of the game was released in 2010 with improved sprites and a remixed soundtrack.

The 3DS version is going to be a full on remake with a 2.5D style, meaning it will still have the 2D Metroidvania style gameplay but with 3D visuals.

Cave Story is one my favorite games and is something I can easily go back too. Since Pixel himself is working on this remake, who knows what other creavite genious will spawn from his brain and will be included in the game. Obviously I am very excited about this and you should be too cause Cave Story is awesome.

You can download Cave Story for Windows and Mac here for free along with its awesome soundtrack. Experience the magic that is Cave Story. I just got another reason to save up for a 3DS.