Want to see the 3DS in pieces??

Everybody enjoys a new device differently. Most of you enjoy it by playing those awesome games but in 3-d, while some of you might also enjoy its many features like the augmented reality of the 3DS. Well believe it or not, there are some of you who would just like to rip it apart and put it all together again for......fun.

The people at PimpMyConsole did a good job at showing us that you can rip apart an amazing machine such as the 3DS with just a screw driver and tweezers and put it all together in working condition. I suggest you guys don't try this to your 3DS since it will void your warranty. Just enjoy the device but if breaking machines apart is your thing here's a video showing how its done.   Nintendo lovers fair warning, you might not like what you see.

Taking the beauty apart:


Reviving the poor thing: