PSPgo officially dead

Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that they are closing production of the PSPgo. With the NGP coming this year i'm not surprised. The PSPgo didn't fly as high as the PSP 3000 so Sony has finally decided to focus more on the  3000 and prepare for the coming of NGP. 

The PSPgo was released back in 2009 and only lived for about 3 years. Such a short lifespan.

When NGP gets released, don't think the PSP is done for. It has a huge library of games and Sony plans to support it even when NGP ships. It's just like when the PS3 came out, to this day they still support the PS2.

Sony told japan website AV Watch about this news and When asked about the PSP-3000, Sony told AV Watch, "It will continue to be sold, and we will keep focusing our attention on it from here on out." No doubt with a big library of games in Japan, the PSP will continue to be a popular portable even after Sony's upcoming portable, the NGP, goes on sale later this year.

[Source: Kotaku]