[Update- MK Region 3]New games out now! - Mortal Kombat, Portal2, SOCOM 4

Yes it's the 19th and it should be out. but this post is for all the people living in the Philippines because it's rare to get a game together with the rest of the world. Just got my copy of Mortal Kombat and haven't even popped the disc in yet. 

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UPDATE(4/20/11) - Whoever bought a region 3 copy of Mortal Kombat and is missing your online pass don't worry. Apparently the supplier of the game forgot to add the online pass and their aware of it. I gave Datablitz a call and they apparently can help me after all. They asked for my email add so that they can send my online pass code via email. Do the same and give your shop a call, they should be able to give you your online pass when the supplier has given them the codes. But again to avoid this, buy REGION 2 instead of region 3.

UPDATE(4/20/11) - Apparently the Region 3 copies of Mortal Kombat has no online pass inside them. I too have that issue of having no online pass and a lot of people are also experiencing this issue. Region 2 seems safe having the online pass included in the game. I've contacted where i bought my Mortal Kombat and they say all their Region 3 copies have no online pass. They can't help me since they only sell what is given to them so now i'm contacting WB Games to see what they have to say about it. If your experiencing the same problem, go and give your retailer a call about it if you want. If any of you are planning to get a copy of Mortal Kombat, GET REGION 2. Its confirmed to have an online pass and you shouldn't have any problems.

Datablitz(our version of Gamestop or Bestbuy or whatever store) just got their copies of Mortal Kombat, Portal 2 and Socom 4. Socom 4 and Portal 2 have been in store since last night so it was already on sale when stores opened. Mortal Kombat though was delayed and copies of the game only came this afternoon and i was actually there when the copies arrived. Saved me the embarrassment of waiting in the store till it arrived.

Mortal Kombat is priced at P2150 for PS3 and P2100 for Xbox 360.

Portal 2  is priced at P1290 for the PC version and around P1850 for the console versions.

Socom 4 has also graced us by actually coming out on their said date. Its priced at P2795.

This is all Datablitz prices, if you purchase your games in other stores go check them now, they should have all three games.

Like i said, its rare. It doesn't happen as often. We had scenarios wherein certain games come out here a week after the said release date or even later. Why it gets delayed we don't know. I remember Final Fantasy 13 being released here 5 days after the release date. That was clearly a test of patience and watching live streams of the game didn't help.

If you've been waiting for any of these three games stop reading my stupid post and go get your copies!