RGP #3 - Game Developers and thier Twitters

Random Gaming Post #3

Being the gaming nerd that I am, I always want the latest gaming news available to me and sometimes looking through the net and gaming sites aren't enough. With the micro blogging site Twitter, some game developers have made accounts and most of them tweet often. From their tweets, you can guess what games they're currently working on or catch hints of what might be released in the future.

I follow a few devs on twitter. I even follow some Japanese devs even though I don't speak a hint of their language lol.

http://twitter.com/PG_kamiya http://twitter.com/HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN http://twitter.com/Kojima_Hideo http://twitter.com/therealcliffyb http://twitter.com/notch http://twitter.com/SuperMeatBoy http://twitter.com/RovioMobile

Sorry, I was too lazy to go through my following list to find em all.