Panasonic Jungle Gets Cancelled

For anyone who read our posts back when we were in blogspot maybe you caught one of my earlier posts. It was about the Panasonic Jungle which was supposed to address the "MMO on the go market" which I still think isn't large enough (or if there even is one) for a device dedicated to only that to exist.

To be honest, when I first heard about the Jungle, I thought it was already a bogus idea and reading more into it didn't help. This comment from Panasonic just proved my point; "Panasonic decided to suspend further development due to changes in the market and in our own strategic direction,”. They enforced their decision by stating that there are "changes in the market" and "changes in our own strategic direction" which basically means "no one wanted it", "that's bullshit" or "you're crazy, it looks stupid".

I'm actually kind of bummed that it isn't going to be released, I would've loved to see it join the epic failures in video gaming along side the Gizmondo and the Virtual Boy. At least then it would have been a part of video game history.