My Impressions of SD Gundam G Generation World

I gotta say, I am loving this game. Though I'm not geeking out and playing as much as I did with G Generation Wars on my PS2, I am liking this game a lot more. Everything is more stream lined, design choices in battle animations make it quicker without sacrificing the enjoyment of watching your favorite Gundam hack away at a helpless grunt suit with its amazing animation.

"GTFO!" - Banagher Links

Since they went with putting the game on the PSP instead of the PS2 I thought there would be load issues or frame rate drops. Though the frame rate drops are present when shit is exploding everywhere with a fiery background, light flashing and beam saber flailing, and the pilots appearing on-screen screaming something in Japanese. It is nowhere near game breaking or annoying. Selecting missions has been simplified which is good, especially for newer players who are unfamiliar with the game.The roster is still very impressive. From the first Gundam all the way to Unicorn, fans new and old can choose from hundreds of mobile suits from the Gundam multiverse.

"Can you name all the characters on screen?"

Most aspects of the game are still the same as G Gen Wars and I have no problems with that since G Gen Wars was my favorite up until World came out. It's sad that this series may never get a US release and unless you can read Japanese, there will always be a language barrier even though the game is very playable.

"Stop fighting! *piw piw piw*" - Kira Yamato

Maybe my favorite aspect about this game is it being on the PSP, aside from being region free it's the portability that makes me enjoy this game more than G Gen Wars. I find that strategy games that can drag out are better portable. Sitting on your ass for hours doing one mission can be a pain no matter how good the game is. But it being portable, you can do missions or a long mission in short bursts of play straight since its easier to pull out your PSP from your pocket or bag as opposed to setting up your console, turning on the tv, hoping no one else is using the tv, making sure your chair / couch is in the perfect spot, etc.

"I am Ryomou Shimei!... wait"

I've been a fan of Super Robot Wars games since the versions where there was very little animation (like a gun appearing on top of their hand and shooting one shot). Played through a lot of other strategy and tactics games too. With this being a SRW style game and it having lots and lots of Gundams in it just adds to my already huge interest in it.

"Fear the shield"

The point is though I am not playing it as much as I thought I would I am still enjoying this game very much and still nerd out when I see my favorite Gundam unleashing an exaggerated overkill attack. If you are a Gundam fan, a fan of strategy games, or even mildly interested (which you probably are since you're reached this far in the post) and own a PSP or Wii, get this game.

"Justice fiiiiight! The brave legeeeend!"