Batman: Arkham Knight PC Sales Suspended


  Planning to buy Batman: Arkham Knight? Well, we urge you to not get the PC version of the game. A series of issues has made it to a point that publisher Warner Bros. has suspended sales of the PC version, even urging disappointed consumers to make use of the Steam Refund or retail refund.

“We want to apologize to those of you who are experiencing performance issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. We take these issues very seriously and have therefore decided to suspend future game sales of the PC version while we work to address these issues to satisfy our quality standards,” a Warner Bros. representative wrote on the publisher’s forums.

Batman suspended

What issues? It's seems to be a lot, and with each consumer having different cases based on their PC's specs. Mainly, issues can range from crashes and freezes (experienced by players that pre-loaded the game), to FPS drops in certain areas in the game, especially when gliding or using the batmobile, and these are being experienced by high end Nvidia cards such as the GTX 980, and GTX 970. AMD users isn't getting a free pass with performance either, with reports of FPS drops going below 30. Steam adjusted the minimum requirements for Arkham Knight right before launch, also warning AMD users of possible issues. Manually editing some files are said to fix the FPS issue and bring it up to the 60 range. You can read the on-going Reddit thread about Arkham Knight for PC here.

Granted, these can be fixed through a series of patches,but you might have to wait a little longer or consider a different platform until the developers get everything in check.

Have you opt for the PC version, are the reactions to this version of the game that bad?