Heroes of the Storm enters Open Beta on May 20, official release on June 2

CEKMLQPXDM131384220274859 Looks like Heroes of the Storm will be leaving beta very soon. Open beta starts on May 20, with the Blizzard MOBA officially releasing on June 2.

With the success of League of Legends, DOTA, and DOTA 2, MOBA has become one of the most played genre in this generation. Since it was born in Blizzard's backyard, it only made sense that they try to penetrate an already crowded scene. Heroes of the Storm is their take on the 5v5 battle arena, and they gave quite a twist to the formula.

If you've played MOBA's before, then you have an idea on what you're getting into. But don't consider it a carbon copy. With changes like the absence of items in the game and map objectives being the primary source of success, this is one game worth giving a shot for veteran and casual players alike.

Account wipes have stopped from what we know. So players should know that your progress will carry over as they move into open beta and then officially release on June 2. The game will come with 30 playable heroes (known characters from Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft) and 7 dynamic battlegrounds.

Wanna give it a shot? Get your account ready in Battle.net before open beta starts.

Source: Blizzard