Local Hearthstone tournament happening at Imperium next week

1779708_582337215177839_26912115_n Going crazy over Blizzard's Competitive Card Game Hearthstone? Good, because maybe you'd like to clash among the best in the Philippines.  Imperium, the Philippines first e-sports and video game lounge, will be hosting an offline Hearthstone tournament on February 8. Get all the details below and start registering right now. The event is capped to 32 participants.  


When: Saturday, February 8th (Registration time: 11 AM; Start Time: 12 noon) Where: Imperium E-sports bar and Video Game Lounge (Link to address above) Tournament Entry Fee: 200 PHP including complimentary Burger and Soda! Early Registration is available at Imperium on a first come first serve basis! Tournament Cap: 32 Players

Mechanics Players will be seeded randomly using Challonge. The tournament will be limited to 32 players.Each player will have a three-deck limit, each of a different class.

  • The winner of each match continues to use the same deck. The loser MUST switch decks.
  • ELIMINATION: Best-of-Three (Bo3)
  • FINALS: Best-of-Five (Bo5)
  • Ten-minute no-Show/DQ time
  • Wins need to be confirmed by a Tournament Marshal
  • Spectators will be allowed but will have to pay the PHP 100 consumable door fee.

Prizes: 1st PLACE: PHP 1000 + DragonWar Leviathan Mouse 2nd PLACE: PHP 500 + DragonWar Speed Mousepad 3rd PLACE: DragonWar Speed Mousepad

Hearthstone is Blizzards  online card game based on Warcraft lore. The game is  currently in Open Beta, so for those that want to give it a try, start downloading here. Friendly warning though, if you enjoy trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, I assure you. You will get hooked.

The format and rules are similar to the tournament formats in other countries. Hearthstone is getting a lot of attention with offline and online tournaments taking place in other parts of the globe. Pretty impressive since this game is still in development. It's great to see Imperium taking the initiative by giving Hearthstone players over here the chance to compete in a competitive level and hopefully build a community here.

We'll update this page if there are changes in the tournament format. If you have any questions regarding the tournament, you can reach Imperium at their Facebook page. The crew will be attending(And hopefully competing) this event so hope to see you all there on February 8!