The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady 01 To continue with the theme of spooky games for the month of October, one of Bud's classmates recommended us to play The Cat Lady, an indie side scroller point and click style adventure game.


The Cat Lady is a new, critically acclaimed horror adventure game by designer R. Michalski (Author of Downfall, 2009). A gripping story, pumping soundtrack, high-resolution artwork and voice acting will engross you on your journey through the strange and often terrifying world of The Cat Lady. 3 years in the making, it's an adventure not to be missed!

The Cat Lady 02

Unfortunately we stopped recording up until things got intense, and boy was it intense. We did livestream a bit of what comes after though on our Twitch.TV channel so follow us over there to catch live us when we stream some videogames.

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