My copy of Splinter Cell: Blacklist came with an invalid CD Key


SplinterCell BlacklistFinalLast Saturday was gloomy. It wasn't raining as hard but I still had that feeling to bunker down for the weekend with a brand new title to tackle. But thanks to my cd key being invalid, I was unable to play my copy of Splinter Cell: Blacklist for 4 days.

I headed to the mall, decided on the PC version of Splinter Cell blacklist and rushed home. After installation, I opened my bag of chips, got myself comfortable and as soon as i typed in the cd key included in the case - invalid cd key. I tried again, 10 more times and nothing. It felt like the dreaded error 37 from Diablo 3 was haunting me again, preventing me from playing a game I've been waiting for a long time. I couldn't register my copy! I've double checked my cd key input, did it slowly, heck even asked a friend to try it for me. Nothing.

It was disappointing, my plans to go all out on the weekend was somewhat ruined. this was my first experience of having a problem with a game 's cd key. why do we still have these kinds of problems?

I then called Datablitz for answers, and what I found out got me troubled. As I was explaining my issue, the clerk stopped me mid sentence and asked me if I got any text message from them? I told them no since I haven't given them my cell number. She thought I was the previous caller a few hours ago complaining about the same problem. Two other people apparently was given invalid cd keys for the pc version of splinter cell blacklist.

Why is this troubling? Because they had copies in their shelves with invalid keys, ready for anybody to pick up. No matter what, it's still an inconvenience. since it's a weekend, the Datablitz clerk said a fix can only be done on Monday (it was Saturday when I called). Nothing could be done. I sucked it up and just stayed patient, assassins creed 3 needs finishing anyway.

as days went by, Datablitz was kind enough though to give me updates in the matter, but with not much detail. Everytime I headed to my pc, my copy of splinter cell blacklist was just there, I just had to find a way to get it working. What can I say, im stubborn that way.

So off I go to the Ubisoft forums to find people with similar issues. It took awhile but I eventually found a thread about it, and the people posting on the thread was interesting.

splinter cell blacklist forums

It was mostly pinoys complaining about the same thing. It's obvious at this point that more than three people who were affected. I wasn't  able to find a fix from this two page thread , but A Ubisoft rep did reply at least, but with the most basic and safe answer:

Ubisoft answer

But don't get me wrong,  only a handful is affected by this. A friend of mine confirmed that his cd key worked and he bought the game the same day I did, but from a different Datablitz branch. The best guess I have to why this happened is there was a bunch of keys not yet activated.

four days later, Datablitz asked me to try my key again and thankfully it registered. I replied asking why was the problem, but of course no response after I've confirmed that my key was good.

What I don't get is why doesn't Datablitz bother to verify their products? Why is there an everyday customer support? Your telling me that when I buy a game on the weekends and I have an issue, my concern will only be processed on Monday? That doesn't seem right. I have this gut feeling that there's a miscommunication with Ubisoft and the suppliers. Hopefully everybody affected was also able to resolve the same issue. For those that haven't? Call them. Annoy the hell out of them. Believe me, it will get things moving faster.

Datablitz has always been my number one choice for picking up video games, but when it comes to pc games? I might have to pass for now.