Finally, a Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer

GTA-5 Since the reveal of Grand Theft Auto V, we've haven't seen any kind of gameplay. We were given the look of the new city, the things we can do, the character's we'll meet and play as. Now, the circle is complete. Feast your eyes on the first gameplay trailer for GTA V.

When they revealed that GTA V had three protagonist and can be switch at anytime, I didn't think it would be used in this manner. Switching from character to character during intense moments is pretty interesting since you get to be involved in the most exciting parts of the mission.

Everything else shown? Like, the things you can do in your free time? Well, we're quite familiar with that thanks to past GTA games.

Multiplayer was also teased at the end of the trailer showing that there are have a lot to show. Looks like it's going to be chaotic for sure.

Grand Theft Auto V will be released worldwide September 17 on PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.