Xbox One Region Locked - Will Not Work Outside of 21 Launch Countries

xbox extreme region lockWere you considering getting a Xbox One? Interested in the exclusive games that it had to offer? Didn't mind the 24-hour check-ins and used game restrictions? If you live in the Philippines, Microsoft won't even let you. At least not just yet. According to a disclaimer on regarding pre-orders for the Xbox One, the next generation console will only be supported in these countries on launch:

Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland

Italy Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States

In addition to only being supported in these regions, the disclaimer also states:

Xbox One games are for activation and distribution only in specified geographic regions.

Twitter user Robert Hallahan wanted to confirm this issue and tweeted @XboxSupport, the official Microsoft Xbox Twitter account. A representative on the account confirmed the disclaimer's text. You can check out the full twitter conversation here.

If you were thinking of importing the console, that wouldn't work either. You would have to wait until the console and it's games are available in your region.

Source: [International Business Times]