E3 2013: WiiFit Lady Joins Super Smash Bros.

wiifit_lady_smash_bros If you thought the inclusion of Mega Man in the next Super Smash Bros. was crazy. Wait till you see this one.

Mega Man being in the new Super Smash Bros. is super awesome but if you've followed SSB news from even back in the day, you'd know that Mega Man could have potentially made it in Super Smash Bros. Meleealong with Snake and Sonic. Snake and Sonic didn't make it due to time constraints but Mega Man had a different reason. Inafune said that he would have been glad to include Mega Man in Melee but only if Nintendo approached Capcom about it. In Snake and Sonic's case it was the opposite as Kojima was the one who approached Nintendo and SEGA was down for putting Sonic in there. In short seeing Mega Man in the new Smash Bros. is awesome but is something that we've been expecting for a long time now.

On to the real reason for this post. Nintendo is getting a bit crazy now with their games which I like and this new character for Smash Bros. is super crazy. It's the WiiFit lady. Yeah, no words can express whatever it is that we're all feeling right now.