E3 2013: New Title in development on Wii U by Monolith Soft, Inc.

XenoU_01A new untitled game has been revealed by Nintendo that is being developed by Monolith Soft, Inc. Not to be confused with the F.E.A.R. developers Monolith.XenoU_03No combat was shown but there looked to be game combat scenarios which the player just didn't interact with. Aside from the giant sword wielding RPG stuff, there are giant robots. I love me so mecha. It looks like you'll be able to take control of multiple mechs such as a humanoid mech with a flight pack and one that transforms into a tank.

XenoU_06Taking their experience working on Xenoblade: Chronicles, you can tell that the game looks to take a lot of inspiration from it. Could this possibly be a sequel to Xenoblade? XenoU_08

Right now the game has no title but the 'X' teased at the end (though not entirely the same) looks to be written in the same vain as the X on the Xenoblade title which just further proves the theory that the game takes place in the same world possibly set in the future. The full title for this new game will be revealed in 2014.