Pick 5: Best Looking Supers From Injustice: Gods Among Us

best injustice supers In this day and age when character supers are included in fighting games, they are usually flashy and cinematic. That is the case with Injustice: Gods Among Us. Of course there will be some supers that look better than the others. In this case, five supers. Here are the five best looking supers in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Superman - Kryptonian Crush A with "super" in his name should have the most powerful looking one, right? While it might not look like the strongest super in terms of visual impact. It does show and impressive display of Superman's strength. He does this very heroic looking pose with his cape flying off the side and shows the fire in his as before he dashes towards his opponent, grabs them by chest and just straight up punches them into space. A one hit space punch. But that's not it, he chases after them, beating them past past the Earth's orbit and then does a Dragon Ball Z like sledgehammer and sends them crashing back down into the ground. They should have called it "Space Punch" instead of "Kryptonian Crush". Did I mention that the initial hit is an overhead?

The Flash - Speed Zone Flash charges into the opponent putting them into a stun state and then proceeds to run around the world to build up enough momentum for a power uppercut. After he pseudo-shoryukens the enemy, he goes up and behind them to punch them again knocking them to the ground. It's funny that no matter where you are (be in in Gotham City or outer space in the Watch Tower), Flash always runs towards Mexico when he does this super. Because video games.

The Joker - Let's Be Serious Possibly one of the simplest non-superpowered supers around but it's just so entertaining to watch that I included it in this list. Joker throws a pie full screen and if it hits, he brings out a crowbar and whacks the opponent across the face twice, pulls out a cartoon sized revolver, shoots you in the head with a smug smile on his face, pulls a laughing gas canister seemingly out of his ass, hits the opponent in the head with it knocking them down to the floor AND THEN busts out a rocket launcher from God knows where, aims it point blank and says "Wakey wakey!" before pulling the trigger.

Lex Luthor - Coordinates Received Luthor does a series of 4 punches (that has armor properties) and if the last punch hits, he zaps the enemy with binding electricity. He then starts pressing buttons on his Buzz Lightyear wrist communicator telling a satellite laser what their coordinates are. The satellite then shoots a red laser beam. On the opponent? No! On Lex Luthor which he catches above his head and uses the energy to form an energy orb and drops it down on whoever he's fighting. The camera then shows the satellite view from space again and the explosion is visible from all the way up there. Why didn't he just shoot the laser on his enemy? Because making your very own Spirit Bomb is much much cooler.

Aquaman - Atlantian Rage Finally, we have everyone's favorite super from everyone's favorite character. The man of the sea. The king of Atlantis. The guy who can talk to fish. Aquaman. Aquaman whacks the enemy on the head with his golden pitchfork and then summons a giant wave accompanied by all manner of sea creatures. Stabs the enemy with his fork and hoists them up after which a shark will come out and just chomp them away. Similar to Flash's super, no matter where you are Aquaman will always summon water and fish. Even in outer space. To quote Jason Mews; "Aquaman got mad sharks!". Did I mention that the initial hit is also an overhead? Did I mention that the initial hit is also an overhead?