Metro: Last Light launch trailer

Metro-Last-Light-2 Metro: Last Light is finally out!...well for North America that is. A launch trailer was released for the sequel of 4A Games's Metro 2033. The launch trailer pretty much covers everything about Last light. The creepy underground metro system. The dead wasteland on the surface, and mutant-like monsters that always has an interest with you. Let's have a look at Moscow's post-apocalyptic wasteland shall we?

I actually want to play this game since I enjoyed Metro 2033 thanks to the game's atmosphere and setting. It's out in the US right now, but no word when Metro: Last Light retail copies are coming to the Philippines. Steam will have Last Light unlocked on May 17 in South East Asia. so it looks like we have to wait just a little bit longer until we get to control Atryom and walk around the underground metro.