Injustice: Gods Among Us - Batgirl Trailer

injustice_batgirl_01So Batgirl's trailer is finally out. And while I'm not still completely diggin' the cowl on her but it looks better than I initially thought.

I'm getting a very 60s and 90s feel from this Batgirl. The 60s part being the colors on her costume. Purple was the main color of her costume back in the Adam West Batman days. Not exactly the best color for sneaking around in the dark but it's cute. The 90s vibe that I'm getting from her is that her gadgets seems to come out mostly from her gauntlets. Sort of like a kid's disc launching role-play toy. Her super is a bit on the goofy/cheesy side as well, at least before the spiked heel stomp.


From the footage, I can't tell how she'll play but she's got the Spider-man web swinging intro, that zipline move, and some ninja smoke bombs. I hope that her character power is different from Shazam's though. We've got enough electric fists.

Oh, and a new Joker costume is in the video too. I hope that the background music in the video is also included when Batgirl comes out.