Remember Me trailer wants you to remember the enemies in the game

rememberme0921-610 A new trailer was released by Capcom for their latest IP coming this June. The trailer introduces the enemies that the player will go against as Nilin, a memory hunter who ironically lost her memory. Check out the trailer below.

The combat in Remember Me has nothing special from what's shown so far. it's the typical beat em up games, and I'm just hoping it has some crazy combinations to break any repetitive feeling. But combat is not what caught my interest. It's more about the game's futuristic setting, with memory now compromised, easily manipulated, stored, or stolen by people like memory hunters.  It's a cool concept and hopefully Capcom does a good at executing a concept like this in Remember Me.

Oh, and another thing - I hate dubstep.....that is all.

Remember Me will be out June 4, 2013 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.