New Xbox will be revealed May 21

Xbox2013 With Sony now done revealing the PlayStation 4, and Nintendo already having the Wii U out on stores, everybody wondered when Microsoft will unveil their next console. Well, it's happening on May 21 in Redmond, Washington. 

Major Nelson confirmed that the reveal is indeed happening and will be broadcasted live on Xbox Liv, Sike TV, and It's going to be big just like the rest, but I'll have to consider May 21 the star of the next-generation war. With all the big three's next-gen consoles revealed, it's going to be a tough fight to win every costumers living room during this year's holidays. Plus, the talk of the new console won't stop there with E3 just a few weeks away.

The event is scheduled to start at 10AM in Redmond, Washington and is expected to last until an hour. For all the people in the Philippines, the event starts for us on the 22nd of May,and will start at 1AM. If you live somewhere else, you can check this for confirmation.

Will we see an Xbox combined with the Kinect? an Xbox that's required online at all times to do anything? We'll find out on May 21.