Monday Impressions: Gundam Breaker BETA

Gundam_Breaker_01 What's better than a Gundam video game? A GunPla video game. What is GunPla? GunPla stands for Gundam Plastic Model Kits. Those little snap together kits from Bandai. Long have I craved for a Gundam game where you can swap parts. It's not as complex as Armored Core but it still has some charm to it. Gundam_Breaker_02

The Gundam Breaker beta is only available on the Japanese PS Store so if you want to try this game out, you'd need to have a Japanese PSN account. I made one to redeem my Bayonetta DLC code from my Japanese copy of Max Anarchy from last year which is how I got to play this beta.

Behold! My creations!


Is it worth a try?

By all means. Yes! If you are a Gundam fan or an especially huge GunPla fan, I strongly urge you to check this game out.