Dragon War Garand Gaming Headset Review

dragon_war_garand_review Another video review. This time for the Dragon War Garand gaming headset. Still not used to talking to a camera so again, forgive the crudeness of this review.

Score: 8/10


Taken from the Dragon War website:

Product Code: G-HS-001


Vibration functions 5.1 Channel Dolby surround sounds Microphone connected USB Master volume control USB powered, no additional power Detachable microphone with Quick On connection


Front Sound Frequency: 25 – 18 KHz Front Speaker: Ø 40mm x 2.35 ohm Rear Sound Frequency: 100 – 18 KHz Rear Speaker: Ø 30mm x 2.32 ohm Center Sound Frequency Response: 100 – 18 KHz Center Speaker: Ø 33mm x 2.32 ohm Heavy Bass Sound Frequency Response: 20 – 160 Hz Heavy Bass Vibration Speaker: Ø 30mm x 2.8 ohm Impedance: 32 ohm Sensitivity: 112 +/- 3dB Maximum Input: 40mW Cable Length: 220 cm Connection: USB Weight: 220g Microphone: Microphone Sizes 6 x 5 mm Frequency: 50Hz – 16 KHz Sensitivity: -58 dB Impedance: 2.2 ohm Connection: 3.5 mm plug Directional: Omni-directional