PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale getting more DLC characters

  PS All Stars Zeus Isaac

New characters are coming to Sony's PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. In the form of DLC content, Zeus from God of War, and Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, is coming to the cross over fighting game. Each characters get's their own trailer to show their moves.


Isaac Clarke

Each DLC character will set you back $4.99 each if you wish to expand the roster. If you plan on getting Santa Monica Studio's God of War Ascension next month, then you will be getting it for free. A copy of Ascension will include a voucher that allows you to download the new characters.

A new stage is also coming to PlayStation All Stars. The stage Graveyard is a mix of MediEvil's graveyard opening together with Unfinished Swan's ink splatter that will reveal new objects in the stage. The map will be free in online matches, but if you wish to own it yourself, it will cost you $1.99.

Both the DLC characters and the new map will be available on March 19 at the PSN Store.

[Source: PlayStation Blog US]