Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Bound Together

tekken tag 2 bound together So I finally decided to start a video series of me and Bud playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 online and I think the title "Bound Together" is perfect for the title.

If you've played Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag Tournament 2 then you'd know about the Bound mechanic which let's you ground bounce your opponent once during a combo string. The bound mechanic gets expanded upon in Tag 2 by incorporating the whole "Tag Assault" mechanic so on and so forth. The title fits because there is no way that we are playing this alone. At least for the most part. We will try to rank up using the game's pair play method where we each control a character in our tag team. This, of course, changes how one plays the game drastically as you are working with another person and have no control over their actions on screen aside from hard-tagging and initiating a tag assault or tag crash.

Doing pair play online may not be the best way to rank up in Tekken but if we won't, who will? Join us on our quest to rank up in the world of Tekken Tag Tournament 2!

Warning: There will be a whole lot of losing in this series.