PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Public Beta Impressions

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Logo So I got the public beta of PS All-Stars and jumped into a few online matches. Me being a huge fan of the Super Smash Bros. series, I wasn't very positive about this game after seeing gameplay footage of it but after actually playing it, I have to say it definitely feels a lot better than I initially thought.

I won't go over all the controls and gameplay mechanics, instead I will talk about my online experience. The game seems to run smoothly online but I'm guessing it deal with lag by rollback. Meaning that you have characters teleporting around. The good side about this rollback is that there doesn't seem to be any input lag. No input lag is fine an all but it is annoying when you think you're hitting someone on one side of the screen then suddenly both of you teleport to the other end of the stage and having you eat a level 1 super immediately after.

This is a public beta and hopefully they come up with a better online structure. As of this post I believe the public beta is available for the next 5 days so if you're curious about this game then here's your chance to try it out.