New Far Cry 3 trailer introduces us to yet another insane bad buy

Far Cry 3 Another Far Cry 3 trailer, another crazy that needs to be formally introduced. Meet Hoyt Volker, he runs both slave and drug trafficking operations while maintaining a portion of the island with a mercenary army. Just when you thought Vaas was bad enough, you have another insane mastermind calling the shots.

With Hoyt Volker now introduced, it's hard to tell which character is the big anti protagonist, Vaas or Hoyt?

Need to get introduced to other characters in Far Cry 3? Check out the trailers for Vaas, Buck, Citra, and Dennis. Oh and Dr. Earnhardt. Yes, that's quite a lot of character trailers.

Far Cry 3 will be available on December 4 in the US, November 30 for the UK, and November 29 for Europe.