Far Cry 3 trailers that introduces us to a few characters

Ubisoft's latest trailers for Far Cry 3 introduces us to a few characters we'll encounter in the wild. Vaas, we all know how crazy Vaas is, Buck seems to be another psychopath,  Citra is the leader of a tribe while Dennis, well Dennis seems to know a lot about the island you're trapped in. Check out the trailers below.

The Tribe: Citra and Dennis

The Savages: Vaas and Buck

I have pretty low expectations for the third Far Cry title thanks to my experience with Far Cry 2.  But good thing the characters for the third is proving to be something to check out.

Far Cry 3 hits the UK first on November 30 on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, while the US gets the game a few days later on December 4.