Weekend, what are you playing?

Persona 4 The Ultimate This is the 2nd to the last weekend of August and we are almost at the "ber months" and when there are "ber months" there are a ton of new video game release. But while we still have time to clear our gaming backlogs, what have you been playing this weekend?

Migoy: I have literally not played any other video game this weekend except Persona 4 Arena / Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena on my PS3. Didn't stream any of it because I've been playing online and with my limited internet speed I needed all the upload speed I had. P4A has possibly the best netcode in any fighting game released so far. The best connection I've fought was at 2bar and I'd say it was very well near perfect. 1bar is also decent but you can feel the lag. 0bar has the most noticable input lag but believe me, it is still so much better than any of the other fighting games I've tried online. I just started Story Mode and man, 45mins worth of dialogue before I reached a save point or as they call it "bookmark". And I guess it's going to be that way for each character in Story Mode. Yep, this is definitely a Persona game.

Quash: I finally finished Dead Space 2 after a year. I played it a year ago when it was released on the PC, but thanks to some PC issues I was forced to reformat my hard disk losing my Dead Space 2 save. After that, I never got the chance to go back until now. Playing Dead Space 2 on headphones with the lights off were not as freaky as I thought, but hearing the freaky sounds through a headphone was a treat. They really took some time to create this scary atmosphere.