Weekend, what are you playing?

shunt We weren't able to make a weekend post last due because we were too busy watching the Evo2012 streams but we're back to share our weekend gaming action.

Migoy: I finally got an audio mixer for my PC to use with broadcasting gameplay. Hopefully my setup will work out like the way I want it to be. To test thihgs out I played a few rounds in Fight Night: Rought 4 with my cousin then a bit of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 after that. I finally finished Vanquish and it's a pretty cool game though the story, which started out great, was a little on the dull side by the end of it. Popped in Blur, the game that I call Burnout meets Mario Kart. And though I heard that the game didn't do very well, I can surely say that it gets an easy recommendation from me. Blur is hella fun, I just wished that there would be some music playing during races.