Next Battlefield 3 DLC is the reason why I love this franchise

Armored Kill DLC FACK! Just when I started hating EA and DICE for what they just recently announced, they throw this amazing DLC trailer that pretty much cater to why I love Battlefield in the first place -Vehicle Warfare. Four new maps, new vehicles, mobile artillery, and what they consider "Biggest map in Battlefield history"? Crap I'm sold, but still not touching Battlefield 3 Premium.

Yes, this video definitely got me back to my good side. Armored Kill is perfect. But they showed that announcement again at the end which made me hate them all over again. Can't we just get more DLC instead of a sequel?  No? Crap.

Armored Kill is the third out of five planned DLC for Battlefield 3 and is planned for a September release on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Battlefield 3 Premium players will have early access and of course all five DLC for free when released.