Family Feudin' | Return of the Prodigal Bud

dat photoshop There's nothing better than having fun with your family and friends. Here at TooMuchGaming we like to have fun by playing video games.

My cousin just came home from his summer vacation in America. He passed by here since he dropped by his school (which is near my place) and brought his two brothers along with him and what perfect way to celebrate his return then by letting the salt flow in a couple of fighting games.

First up was of course Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the fighting game that brings the most salt and yet is still the hypest thing around. We maybe scrubs but we love this game. After that was a little bit of Street Fighter x Tekken. 4-player scrable mode equals mayhem. A little bit of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike was played but we didn't hang there long. I also had them try out Skullgirls but wasn't streamed because I had display setup the wrong way.

After all the fighting games we went into one of the best 4-player games out there, NBA JAM. I have NBA JAM: On Fire Edition saved on my PS3 and we used to play the bejeezus out of NBA JAM on the Wii. With some awkward games at the start since we had to adjust ourselves with the PS3's controls, we eventually got the hang of things (for the most part) and had a blast. I know it may not be the most entertaining thing to watch but I archived what was streamed to my personal youtube channel and made a playlist for them.

These games weren't played in sequence since we switched things up but I grouped the games together to avoid confusion. Part 1 for both UMvC3 and NBA JAM I forgot to change the audio source to my laptop microphone so that's why you'll hear game audio, skip to part 2 to hear us being stupid while having hella fun.

I used Flash Media Live Encoder to stream this with the video bitrate set to only 350kbps due to my low upload speed (0.47kbps) but the videos are still very watchable. Just don't expect anything remotely close to HD.