Weekend, what are you playing?

glasses are hot What's up guys? We're at the second to the last weekend of March, new releases left and right, some good and some bad. Did anyone get a new game? Or maybe finishing up an older game? What are you playing?

Migoy: My first weekend of HD gaming. Got me a copy of Bayonetta so hopefully that will cover up my lack of single player gaming. The Wii has also been hooked up to the new TV and I've been trying out some games on there and I gotta say, even Wii games look better on a wider screen. Planning to make a quick trip to Greenhills and look for a 2nd hand copy of Vanquish and maybe have myself a Platinum Games gaming weekend. As for streaming, my internet hasn't been setup yet so PLDT is going to get an earful from me very soon and I'm actually having a problem with capturing Wii gameplay. Capturing PS3 gameplay is fine but when I plug in the cables of the Wii into my capture device, I don't get an image on the TV, just a flashing black screen. Plugging in the Wii cables directly to the TV is fine but when I run it through the capture box I don't get any picture on screen. I'll spend this weekend to get some gaming in and get the whole streaming/capture issue fixed. Yo VideoGames!

Quash: For this weekend, I've been playing some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer for that 25% XP boost. After a few matches I decided to revisit one game I missed playing, and that is Uncharted 3. I'm on a trophy hunt and is currently a few chapters away from beating the game in Crushing.  I even did some multiplayer matches and realized how bad I am at the game.

There's not much new games that I want in April. I have a feeling my next game might actually be Diablo 3 which is still at May. So I'm planning to take this time and look back at the game's I passed last year and do some achievement hunting with shelved games, for the heck of it.