Weekend, what are you playing?

Killzone 3 This week is PS Vita launch week. Did any of you get one? Or just too busy playing that certain game for X number of hours. You know the drill, tell us more!

Quash: This weekend I'm still on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Just like any RPG's, it takes weeks until you can say "Yea, I'm done." I'm level 33 and is now on my 60th hour on the game. It's a great game and still getting flooded with quests. Some are coming out as repetitive but there's always something to do in this game.

I was also able to give some time to play some Killzone 3. Since the announcement of the multiplayer mode hitting the PSN Store, I wanted to see if the servers were still active. After a couple of attempts to enter a game, I can already tell that there isn't much people playing the game anymore. Makes sense since this game is a year old now. I was able to get into a game with full players, but not like before which only took a minute to get into a full game.

Migoy: I'm moving to a different apartment this week so I've been busy doing stuff and since the internet hasn't been moved yet I'm not going to be broadcast for a few weeks. I was able to get a few scrubby matches of Soul Calibur V in when my cousin was here to help us out and we also got to try out the demo for the new SSX game. I gotta say the new SSX looks to be a pretty sweet game.