Dead Space 1 and 2 75% off on Steam

Dead Space 2 Pack Thanks to Steam's christmas sale last year, checking the Steam store has become somewhat part of my everyday ritual when I log in the net. Today I just noticed that Steam is having a weekend sale for Dead Space 1 and 2. If you haven't played the Dead Space series, its good to start now. For both games, it will only cost you $12(around 500 pesos).

What a coincidence though, an amazing game going 75% off on the first friday the 13th of 2012. Nice one Steam.

Dead Space is the franchise keeping survival horror alive for me. Compared to other genre's, survival horror has the least amount of games coming out each year. I don't remember any new survival horrors that are worth mentioning aside from Dead Space 2 which was a great sequel by the way. It would have been the new Silent Hill, but that was push to 2012. Hopefully we see good ones this year. If there are any horror games last year that was really good , hit the comments.

Head over the Steam store to see the deal for yourself, 75% off is a steal.