Rayman Origins out now, a full retail game?

Rayman OriginsRayman Origins is out but for some reason I always thought it was coming out as a downloadable game for PSN and Xbox Live. Never crossed my mind that Ubisoft went retail with a 2D Platformer. These games are rare, so if you're a fan of the genre(like myself) then you should consider this to keep these games alive.

I remember seeing the demo on Game Trailer's live streaming of this year's E3 and was underwhelmed because I thought it was another downloadable game worth 14.99. It being released as a full game got me curious. When I found out it was a full retail game, I started doing research on what else it offers. Tons of collectables, and I mean tons! Is it enough for a game to have its very own disc? For a platformer, yes, what else do you need really? As long as its challenging, easy to maneuver, and have incentive to replay stages, you're set.

Rayman Origins is getting positive reviews thanks to its beautiful art design, four player co-op feature, and solid controls. . You can never go wrong with platformers. Games such as Super Meat Boy, Outland, or even the classic Mario bros. are tons of fun and this should be no exception.

Sadly this might be ignored since it doesn't provide the Full Package(game having online) that every game developer provides nowadays. With a 2D Platformer priced as a full game, it's definitely a hard sell, but kudos for Ubisoft for taking on the risk.

Playing with a friend or family member in Rayman Origins seems to be the way to go, so if you want a casual game where anybody can join in on the fun, this will do. If ever I get this, I'm going to include my 5-year old nephew in on the fun to introduce him to 2D Platformer at its best.

Rayman Origins is out now for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii.