First look at Counter Strike: Global Offensive

We finally get a first look at Valve's next Counter Strike, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. We all know what Counter Strike is, so there's no need for an introduction. I still remember players(me included) running around with the Artic sniper rifle in De_Dust, good times. Just simply enjoy the official trailer and gameplay preview of CS: GO that's coming to PC, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade. Yes, it's coming to consoles too.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Not only am I excited to play Counter Strike again, be it PC or even consoles, I'm excited for the cross-platform feature. It's something I want to see happen more often. Players with different platforms all mixed up into one matchmaking? it's going to be chaos, it's a feature I think all multiplatform devs should explore more often. PS3 and PC seems to be all set for this feature, Xbox 360 on the other hand won't have this feature. There's also reports that PS3 players will be allowed to plug-in a mouse and keyboard for the game, if they wish to play it that way. Valve head Gabe Newell mentioned Xbox Live and it's "restrictions", the sole reason to why Portal 2 in the Xbox 360 does not have cross-platform play. Valve approached Microsoft about this but Microsoft does not want to open up to the idea of having steam, or even cross-platform play for that matter. Come on Microsoft!

Graphics have been improved, weapons have been added, changes have been map, but the core gameplay that we all know from Counter Strike still looks intact. Famous maps returning like De_Dust, Aztec, Italy, and more will return with new tweaks like the new underground passage of De_dust. You got to hate those snipers waiting for you to come out of that passage.

This is looking pretty sweet. Ok yes, nothing like Call of Duty or Battlefield. Nothing ground breaking at all. Valve is simply giving us an improved version of what many people still enjoy to this day. No need for killstreaks, tanks, or even iron sights. Just the good old point and shoot.