Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3: NEWS BREAKDOWN by Maximilian

I'm sure all of you are going batshit crazy with the Capcom's announcement of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. But for all of you who are too lazy to read all the info that's been shown and leaked out around the internet, Maximilian, star of the youtube series 'The Online Warrior' and 'Assist Me' has made a new series which breaks down all the new changes and additions in Ultimate MvC3.

UMVC3 is announced and Strider is back yo! Just wanted to make a quick video covering the basics and the need to know's for UMVC3. If you'd like to quickly get caught up with the news and changes for the new game, check out this video or subscribe for further episodes.

Special thanks for Karsticles on NeoGaf for help with collecting some of the info.