Meet my new friend

"Shine brightly"

I just recently got my hands on a PSP-3000 or the PSP 'Brite'. An officemate of mine was selling it for 3500php and it was in extremely good condition. My impulses were telling me to "BUY IT NOW YOU IDIOT! A CHANCE LIKE THIS WON'T POP UP AGAIN!" even though I'll be tight on cash due to end-of-the-month-bills-attack. But hey, a PSP-3000 for just 3500php?

Just to be sure, I tested it out. Games, memory stick reading, button checks, WLAN. They all seem to work fine except for the analog stick which gets double inputs so I won't be able to pull off Lightning's Ex Burst in Dissidia 012.

The faceplate has a few dents on the left side probably due a fall but it doesn't really bother me as it isn't even noticable when looking at it from the front. The housing is done in a nice glossy pearl white finish and there are no signs of paint chipping so this gives me the impression that it's a fairly new purchase by the previous owner.

"Kangeki no hikari!"

Aside from the slightly wonky analog stick and a few dings a scratches, it's in really good condition and I'm glad I got it when I did. My current PSP is still the 1000/Fat model so I have a really loose WLAN switch and no ability to hook it up to a TV. With my new PSP-3000, who I have named WoL (Warrior of Light), I now have a significantly brighter screen, TV out, a working WLAN switch, faster RAM and better feeling buttons. Expect to see me playing some PSP games over at or on if the TMG JTV is on the fritz. Assuming I get the cables needed anytime soon.

On a side note, look what happened to my shoes that same day I got WoL.

"Ignore the manboobs"