L.A. Noire heading to PC with 3D-support and improved graphics

Great news for PC gamers. Rockstar's L.A Noire is coming to PC with 3D-support and improved graphics. 3D support and improved graphics? well I don't know if that's worth getting excited for but the fact that it's coming to PC is enough. Porting will be handled by Grand Theft Auto Stories-developer Rockstar Leeds.

I've had friends hoping for a PC release of L.A Noire to avoid buying a console, now their wish has come true. Rockstar promises that L.A Noire will run on a wide range of PCs. I'm sure all of you already know that this game is heavy in the graphics department so when they say" will run on a wide range of PC's", we'll have to wait and see if that's actually true.

L.A Noire will be out this Fall for the US so that makes it sometime in September. The game will be both in digital and retail format.

[Source: Take-Two Interactive]