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I’m not saying playing Kingdom Hearts III is harder than manual labor or anything, but not everyone can and should try to play games like this. No matter how much you love videogames – and I bloody love videogames – the professional demands of the game review tax your mental faculties, push your energies to their limits and challenge you to play better, work harder and write smarter. Read More

Rainbow Six: Siege - Keeping Up With The Meta


Reaching the top is no easy feat. Just like the ladder system in DotA 2, or even Hearthstone, It’s going to take dozens of sessions, maybe weeks, to hopefully reach the top bracket. But if you’re asking, “why grind your way to reach the top bracket?”, then you’ve never felt the pressure of playing with players at their best. And when you’re at the top, the game is completely different playing at your best with the best. Read More

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Having better and more consistent execution on the board will definitely help you play cleaner Tetris, which in turn will net you more chances at getting a double T-spin, a Tetris, or an even bigger line clear. Patience and temperance are also essential, for this kind of execution can only be attained through constant practice, awareness, and playing a lot of games. Read More