The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Is Surprisingly Fun


Hey, everyone. It's been a while since our last video. Life has been getting in the way of our usual video content production and has also been out hitting our regular game time. But that doesn't mean the gaming has stopped. 

The trading card game spark that has been lying dormant in me for over 15 years was reignited when our good friends over at the Good Trades Brigade introduced me to Magic: The Gathering. I'd known about MTG since its inception back in the early 90s but never learned how to play the game until very recently.

My new found TCG hobby got me to dig up my old Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and that in turn got me into looking at the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which was the first TCG I started playing back in the day (I even joined a Pokémon TCG league for a bit).


When I found out that buying Pokémon TCG products gives you codes that would give you the same contents in the online game equivalent, this was something that I had to check out.