Secret 6 Talks About Project Xandata At Pinoy Gaming Festival 2018


During a Media Briefing at Pinoy Gaming Festival 2018, Secret 6 expressed what's planned for their FPS competitive shooter Project Xandata.

It's going to be a big year for the Philippine-based studio. They plan to release an open beta of the game sometime during July to August. While they didn't go into detail, they did say that they are planning to have around four to five maps available for the open beta as well as more guns.


During the briefing, they also expressed how important it is to be consistent in releasing new content for the game on release. They plan to support the game with more maps, weapon types, and even the inclusion of a competitive ranking system sometime down the line. Secret 6 is aiming for a full release of the game later this year on Steam with eight maps available on launch. 

Pinoy Gaming Festival 2018 featured the latest build of Project Xandata, allowing attendees to try out the five versus five shooter. The new build included a new map called Site Agalon and new game features such as a backpack system, a medal system, nameplate customization , and a few weapon balance changes. 

I tried out the latest build and it's shaping up pretty well, gameplay-wise. At this point i'm sold on how the game feels, but i'm eager to experience the game with a series of maps in rotation, the various game modes, and how they will tackle player progression. 

Project Xandata made its public debut back in ESGS 2016 and was surprised to see what Secret 6 was able to build with a small number of people working on it at the time. Since the debut, they've show progress in development. In ESGS 2017, they introduced three core classes with abilities, gameplay polish, and new weapons. 

A brief closed beta session was done in November of 2017 and the studio expressed no plans of any closed beta before the launch of the open beta. 

Project Xandata trailer for Pinoy Gaming Festival back in 2017.