Ubisoft Announces Anno 1800 At Gamescom 2017

Ubisoft is bringing back their RTS city-builder with the announcement of Anno 1800 during Gamescom 2017. It's heading to the Industrial Age. Details are slim but it's safe to expect them to tackle events such as the age of colonialism.

The last Anno game, Anno 2205, was released in 2015 and set in the future, tasking players to set up colonies on the moon.  The last game set in the past was Anno 1404 back in 2009. It's been years, but It's good to see the series back into tackling history once again as a foundation for the game. 

The Anno series is known for exploration, discovery, trade, and a very detailed economy system, so expect no less from Anno 1800. Ubisoft and developer Blue Byte did mention to expect a story-based campaign, a customizable sandbox mode, and multiplayer options. Together with the reveal, Ubisoft announced the Anno Union, which is an online community that asks the fans for feedback and participate in future beta sessions before its release in Winter 2018.