Konami Gives Metal Gear Survive A Release Date


The survival adventure called Metal Gear Survive will be out on February 20, 2018. 

The game is set right after Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller evacuates Mother Base. Those that survived the attack was sucked into a wormhole that brought them into an alternate reality that's filled with horrors we still do not understand. If you played previous Metal Gear games, you know crazier things have happened in this series.

Metal Gear Survive will be open world and will use similar gadgets found in Metal Gear Solid V. You can play the game's missions with three other players but the game will still be playable solo for the lone wolf types. 


Pre-order Now And Get Gestures And Scarves

Pre-orders are now available and a Day 1 Survival Bonus Pack is up that includes a series of items. The pack will include four gold-plated weapons (bat, sledgehammer, survival machete, and survival spear), two additional gestures (happy, and thumbs up), four metallic survival scarves (green, blue, pink, and silver), "kabuki" face paint, a Mother Base nameplate, and a Boxman "the orange" accessory. Mostly cosmetic items and I'm honestly not sure what's up with the color variety in the game's scarves. 

This will be the first Metal Gear game released by Konami since the departure of Hideo Kojima from the company in 2015. 

Metal Gear Survive will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.