E3 2016: What Was Revealed at EA's Press Conference?

E3 2016 is here! To start off the series of press conference that will be going on before the doors open, Electronic Arts shows the world what they have in store for the rest of 2016 and beyond. Here's a quick rundown

Titanfall 2

They immediately start things off strong by showing off Titanfall 2. Yes, there was a leak before the show confirming a single player campaign, but what we did see for the first time during the press conference was the multiplayer trailer. Grappling hooks, charged lasers from the Titans, 6 titans, and the good seamless fun we experienced in the first game.

Then, they officially played the leaked trailer for the single player campaign. This is one of the missing pieces when the first Titanfall was launched, and it's looking good so far that they are filling the gaps found in the last game. The game's official launch is on October 28 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Madden 17

of course EA will bring the focus to their sports titles. As much as some tune out during this time of the presentation, this will never go away since their sports games are still one of the best selling titles in EA's lineup, Madden and FIFA specifically. But first, what's new in Madden?

For one, they will support the eSports side of their sports games in the future. There will be three new way to play online for example: Premier, Challenger, and EA Major Events. The Madden Championships Series next year will have a $1 Million prize fund.

For this year's Madden, a new addition is something called Play of the Moments Mode: 

“This year introduces Play the Moments, the fastest way to play Madden NFL. Play the Moments allows fans to experience the important milestones in each game while simulating the rest of the matchup. Players will be invited to jump in at critical moments such as red zone drives, vital third downs, game-winning drives and more, offering the chance to prove your mettle in clutch situations. The shortened games allow Franchise players to take their team all the way from opening day to the Super Bowl in just a weekend, maximizing the fun along the way. Of course, those who want to experience the game from kickoff to final whistle can turn off Play the Moments, or opt to jump in and out of moments as they wish throughout the game.”


FIFA is big, especially in the European region(go figure). Just like Madden, it's been a go-to game for most soccer fans and is also being play competitively. This time around they are actually going to have some kind of story mode called "The Journey", following the career of Alex Hunter. Cinematic scenes where shown and it's actually an interesting addition that fans of the series might appreciate when it gets release this year. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda

At this point, Mass Effect is a game that needs a new entry, so there's a lot of pressure on Andromeda to keep people invested in the Mass Effect world. It will be a whole new story and it seems to be taking the Star Trek angle -- exploring new worlds to find a new home. New footage was released but felt more of a developer trailer that's coming out as a common thing at EA's game showcase show. 

EA Originals - Fe

A new program was announced and it's called EA Originals. This is a program to support small indie studios to help fund, develop, and release their game. The first studio in this program is Zoink Games with their game called Fe. A platformer giving us the Ori and the Blind Forest feel. 

Everything Star Wars

EA is the company that has dibs on the Star Wars games. With the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars: Battlefront still going strong, they seem to be just the start for EA when it comes to developing games set in the Star Wars universe. No real announcement of a new title, but what's confirmed is that there are a series of known studios working on a Star Wars game. Respawn Entertainment, developers of the Titanfall series, is working on a Star Wars game. Visceral Games, known for the Dead Space series is also working on a Star Wars game with Amy Hennig, which known for her work as a director and script writer for the first three Uncharted games. DICE, BioWare, Motive,  and Capital Games are the other games mentioned working on Star Wars titles. 

Battlefield 1

And as expected, EA closes their presentation with gameplay footage of Battlefield 1. It's looking good and the World War I setting makes it even more exciting thanks to the vehicles and equipment used during that time. After the presentation, an actual multiplayer match was shown and so far so good for the new Battlefield title.

That's a wrap for EA. Wanna see the presentation from start to finish? Check it out below.