Two Years Later, Fans Are Still Playing Around With P.T.

It's no surprise really - it was considered to be 2014's best horror title in the PS4, despite it just being an "interactive teaser" to the now canceled Silent Hills. Fans to this day continue to dissect the teaser in hopes of finding new clues about the game.

The recent discovery was done a few days ago by luxox18 at the Xentax Forums, who cracked the teaser and revealing that there are character models and creatures not seen in the game but tucked inside the game for some odd reason. This is a complete datamine of the teaser, meaning they were able to get the character models of Lisa (The creepy figure above) and Norman Reedus' character seen at the end of the teaser once you've completed it.

The result of having such character models out in the wild? This.

Thanks to MGSV's unusual scene with Quiet enjoying her time in the rain, PC modders have been swapping the original character models in that infamous scene with, well let's just say, a more fitting pair. I guess it was Lisa's turn in the rain.

Even Ocelot gets in the rain.

And let's not forget D-Dog of course.