ESGS 2016: We Talk To Dreamlords Digital Regarding Graywalkers Purgatory

As we strolled through the crowded paths of ESGS 2016, we notice one familiar booth that we seems to bump into every year. Dreamlords DIgital is still focused on their Post-Apocalyptic RPG Graywalkers Purgatory, so we talk to the developers to get an update on this RPG.

When we first saw Graywalkers Purgatory in action back in the first ESGS, we were excited with it's possibilities. It brought back good memories of classic strategy RPGs and you can tell the game was greatly inspired by the original Fallout and XCOM.

Now in 2016, the Dreamlords Digital are still not giving any peeks of new content from the game's development. It's a very ambitious game, we get it. But we are still waiting for a reveal with this world Dreamlords is creating - The ability to visit towns, finish quests, customize your character, anything really. The only bit of footage available is the combat. A new build is said to be available soon at the end of the year but will not be available to the public. 

ESGS 2015 Interview

Graywalkers Purgatory is also on Steam Greenlight and it's said that Early Access for the game will take place before the end of the year.

Visit their website for more information on Graywalkers Purgatory