XCOM: Enemy Within announced! Planned for a November 12 release

XCOM_EW_Art-noscale 2K has revealed the major expansion for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It's called XCOM: Enemy Within and will be released on November 12, 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.  The expansion will include 47 new maps, new weapons, new aliens to face, and new abilities. Excited? Makes me want to fire up my 360 copy now.

The expansion pretty much does what expansions are meant to do - expand on the original game.


To customize your soldier a bit deeper, you will be able to research gene mods to alter your soldiers capabilities. They will also include MECs, which are mechanical exoskeletons with weapons like grenade launchers and flamethrowers that your soldiers can pilot. The Aliens also get new units. Mechtoids, which is pretty much a sectoid piloting an exoskeleton, has been announced so far. Oh, and did I mention 47 new maps to play in? My biggest grip of the game is finally gone with this expansion.

Also included in the expansion is a new alien resource called MELD, challenge maps, additional content for multiplayer, and new soldier accents to really make it an international resistance against the invasion. No more all american voice cast.


You hardly get games that get actual releases "expansions" nowadays. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was an amazing strategy game that did justice to the original game. You can get my full thoughts on the game here.  Joystiq reports that the expansion will cost $30 for PC, while the expansion will be released as a standalone product (It will include all DLC plus the original game) for consoles at $40 .


[Source: Destructoid]